Fee for use of TAASK simulation case outside course concept.

Condition: TAASK cases may only be used with permission, at centers that host TAASK courses. The same level of quality must be applied as in cases during TAASK Masterclass or TAASK Express course ie participants must be given time to read the TAASK book Prevent and Manage Crises in Anesthesiology, they must be well briefed in simulation technique, TAASK feedback must cards used,  debriefing held by TAASK facilitator, and a senior anesthesiologist present throughout the debriefing.

Simulation licence (high income countries)

500,00 krPris
Moms ingår ej
500,00 kr
TAASK case licence
1 simulation per month->25% reduced fee.
375,00 krvarje månad/automatisk förnyelse